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David Jones Furniture Makers is a small, hands-on design and manufacturing company based in Hounslow, Middlesex, England which prides itself in being able to provide a personalised, professional service to a broad-based clientele varying from architects, interior designers, main contractors and discerning individual customers. Set up in 1983 and now based in the West of London, the company takes on a variety of commissions ranging from curved and laminated work such as reception areas and seating, to quality crafted, traditional and modern designs for the office or home setting, both fitted and free standing.

The proprietor, David Jones, ensures his personal involvement in all projects undertaken. Whilst corporate clients usually have firm ideas and designs for the items they wish to have manufactured, David is aware that for individuals a one-off purchase can often be a once in a life time project. For this reason he arranges an initial meeting to gather information about the client - their tastes and preferences with regard to colour, period style and architecture, as well as the intended purpose and uses for the item required. Equally, he is happy to involve the client in visits to the veneer and timber yards to select from the vast range of woods available and such experiences can often fire the imagination, opening up new options and ideas for discussion.

A member of the International Tree Foundation, David feels strongly about the gratuitous use of rare solid timbers. "I'm a great advocate of the use of veneers as opposed to solid wood in cases where design of the furniture is not compromised by doing so," he explains. "In most cases, especially where large flat areas are required, using veneer and protecting all exposed edges with solid timber achieves a better quality and more cost effective product." With this in mind and wherever possible, the timbers used are from reafforested areas.

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